Global Sourcing

Sara Suole Pvt. Ltd. has a centralised sourcing department with global sourcing capabilities and currently serves over 40 customers worldwide. The company has access to some of the finest vendors in the world, and has the ability to source the best in class raw material as well as finished products from around the globe. Thus, it provides cutting edge cross-competitiveness. The new product development facilities and capabilities are strengthened through strategic partnerships & tie-ups with specialized product service providers.

Sara Suole Pvt. Ltd. has stringent quality assurance processes for all its operations. For example, at RUOSH, there are 2 product experts assisted by 5 quality assurance team members who work with factories to improve products and ensure best in class quality.

An example of global sourcing reach, Sara Suole Pvt. Ltd. sources different kinds of leather from countries like Germany, UK, Argentina, USA and Thailand; while non-leather products like Foot bed, Tunit Sheets, Finishes, Ornaments, Elastics, Brushes, PU Lining, Foams, EVA are sourced from Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan, Slovenia to name a few.

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