Employee Welfare

Employees are the eyes and hands of every organisation and a healthy, trained and motivated work force can bring about miraculous changes and growth in the market place. At Sara Suole Pvt. Ltd. we are committed to our employees. We are also committed to upholding the values of our buyers around the world and work closely on creating working conditions and a value system that we can be collectively proud of.

  • Working Conditions
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Vocational Skills Development

Working Conditions:

  • We run health care centres providing free treatment to our employees and their families.
  • Our goal is to secure the employee’s safety and well-being at the work place
  • We strive to ensure the availability of advise of health experts to the employees with an in-house team of Doctors, Nurses, Welfare Officers and Safety Officers.
  • We promote a work environment which is adapted to employee’s health and safety needs
  • Child care facilities & amenities training and awareness drive

Women’s Empowerment:

More than 70% of Sara Suole Pvt. Ltd.’s factory workers are women. To keep them financially independent and mentally mature we empower them through training, personal development and by creating awareness on social issues most relevant to women.

Vocational Skills Development:

As a people driven company it is in our DNA to develop skills and provide employment opportunities through our social outreach. We do this by providing technical and life skills at absolutely no cost, to those looking for employment in the footwear industry. We also strive to create employment opportunities in our own factories to create a long term livelihood opportunity to women.

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